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How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions | Salon X Denver

How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions | Salon X Denver

How to Install Clip-In Hair Extensions

This week we installed a set of 20 inch Mile High Clip-In Hair extensions.  These types of extensions are great for Weddings or Special Events because they are easy to install, can be worn repeatedly, can easily be blended and provide additional volume or length to your natural hair. 

The color we chose for our guest was a Mile High No. 16 an ashy blonde color, similar to a level 8, with beautiful highlights and lowlights dispersed throughout.  Prior to the installation, she received a partial balayage color service, which will allow her hair to grow out looking naturally sun kissed, with no visible line.  She decided on Mile High Clip-Ins to add additional volume to her already beautiful 20 inch natural hair length.

Our guest has worn clip-in extensions in the past, and of course, loved the instant volume effect.  However, she experienced the all too common problems with less expensive alternatives; the feeling of always having to style her hair with curls, to give the illusion of a better color match - As well as lots of tangles!  These problems made it too high-maintence for her to consistently wear extensions.  Most of the time she styles her hair straight, therefore we wanted her end result to be a sleek straight style.
Here's the process:
Separate the Hair Before Installing(Before)Properly Part HairInstall the Individual Wefts(Detailed View)Apply Thermal Protectant & Straighten HairLargest Weft Installed around CrownBlend and Layer HairAfter

In addition to Clip-In Extensions we also offer Tape-In and Bonded Hair Extensions as well as Color Services.  We are one of the very few Certified Great Lengths Salons in the Denver Area.

If you are interested in this type of process, please contact us at 307-250-3755 or visit us at 403 16th Street in Downtown Denver for a free consultation.


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