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Get the Look! - How to Get Beach Hair!!

Get the Look! - How to Get Beach Hair!!

Get ready for Summer with Beach Hair!

To prepare your hair for this style, make sure your hair is dry and thoroughly brushed out to remove any tangles.


  1. Comb your hair forward from the top and partition your hair into one inch wide sections.  This will allow you to begin creating your braid.
  2. Take three small sections, beginning at the crown, and begin to create a traditional braid.  As your work down the braid, begin picking up more hair so it becomes more of a traditional french braid.
  3. Continue doing this until you get to the front hairline.  Then, begin to add hair from the left side of your head allowing the braid to natural bend around.  While doing this, make sure you are only taking hair from above the braid and Not below.
  4. Continue this process until you reach the center/back portion of your head.
  5. Now, finish braiding the remaining strands using the traditional 3 strand technique.
  6. To make sure the ends stay in place, begin to backcomb.
  7. Mist on a Beach Spray, then begin to scrunch with your hands.

That's it!  This great summer style works on both long and short hair.  Thanks to Great Lengths for putting on yet another great tutorial.  Check back soon for more styles and updates.

If you are interested in any products contained in this tutorial, please contact us at 307-250-3755 or visit us at 403 16th Street in Downtown Denver, or to schedule a free consultation.



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